"Build Well, Live Simply"

Notes on Building Well

This post was mostly written about 10 years ago, but I never got around to doing anything it until now. It was refreshing to read something from a time when people were more optimistic.



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Notes on Building Well







Be realistic

Keep the scope of the project within the bounds of your resources. Don't think that all those extra things you simply must add to the project aren't going to cost much. The basic rule is you can have everything you want, but everything will have a price tag, and there must be a point where you must start saying no. It is actually good to go through a project, simplify it, and take out the things you don't really need. At one point or another, reality will set in, and the earlier you come to grips with costs, the better.


Be happy

Things happen during construction. Some good, some bad, but in the end, the rewards of a good project can be far greater than originally imagined. Hiring people you can trust when things don't go exactly the way you want them to is crucial, along with having a balanced view of life. Being angry and fighting with everyone achieves little except to cause the people building your house to care less about giving their best efforts. So in the end, enjoy the ride and be happy.