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Hiring an Architect

Most people have never worked with an architect before. We're really not that scary, but people must often hire an architect very early on, often before they really understand the role their architect can actually play in the construction process.



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Hiring an Architect





Why do architects charge so much?

Because the amount of detail involved in designing a home is far greater than people think.  It's not that architects make lots of money -  they don't, it's just that doing a good job takes a lot of time. 

Architects who do incomplete work may get some work in the short term on the basis of price, but are usually out of the business within a few years because of poor word of mouth and lack of repeat business.

Remember the least expensive architect is not the one with the lowest fees, but the one who produces the simplest and least expensive building.


Why can't I just be my own architect?

Perhaps you can for a smaller house, although you would need some technical assistance on structural and building code matters.

If you really want to do all your own design work, go for it.  But remember, that while you can do just about any part of the building yourself, you can always find someone who can do that same task better and faster. 

For example, if someone brings me a design they have been slaving over for months, I can almost always take the design, simplify it, make it easier to build, more functional and more attractive.  It's usually quite easy for me and the cost savings will be far greater than my fees.


Why should I hire an architect?

Because to build the home you really want, you need people with the skill, experience and passion to make it happen, and that starts with the person you hire to design your house.